Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Few Wonderful Celebrations

Not too long ago, our oldest entered a drawing competition at her elementary school. It was one of those things that I thought, why not tell her about it and see if she wants to enter. She, of course, quickly said "Yes"! We had a few guidelines to follow along with creating a title for her art work- she affectionately named her drawing, "Rainbow Beauty." (picked from a few other titles she came up with). She loves rainbows and color, so she made sure her drawing had a rainbow with lots of color. 

Anyways, after a few months, we found out she won first place in her category! Her drawing was advanced to the County where she placed second. We have no idea how many students were competing in the whole county, but I think there are 11 schools in our area. Regardless, we were super proud of her for her efforts and willingness to give this a try. And she was very happy to find out she won first at her school! Who wouldn't be proud of that?! ;)

Our daughter absolutely loves to draw, color, and create things. So when we found out that her school was doing a competition where students could show off their creativity, we were very excited about it and, of course, very, very thankful for the opportunity! 

Another wonderful thing we were able to celebrate a few days ago was my husbands birthday. :)

The kids got to create a card for him- filled with lots of glue and markers. We also made some yummy brownies with home made icing! Since he is a lover of coffee, we got him a new coffee brewer too- it was a little bit of an upgrade from our previous $10 one that was good to us. ;)

Here it is in use early in the morning. ;)

I am very thankful for the man I have married. He is patient and kind and always encouraging! So grateful to have these memories to share with one another!

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