Monday, December 5, 2016

A Few Shots of Christmas Decor Around Our Home

When my in-laws were visiting last week, we decided to let the girls put up the tree with their Mema and decorate it. We also decorated the house right after Thanksgiving. This was a fun process and something I think we all enjoyed! 

I always say every year that we need I'd like to get a few more Christmas decorations, BUT once I see all the bins we have after they are taken down from the attic, I quickly change my mind. We have been using the same decor for years now, aside from a few new things the kids create at school and church, and it's served us well. Maybe one year I will decide to change things up a bit, but for now, we're using what we have!

One of my little helpers is "hidden" behind that recliner in the corner munching on some M&M's that my Dad and step-mom sent us. She was also listening to some music we picked out from the library- which is no surprise! She loves to sing and dance. :)

We've had the pillows on the couch for a while now, but I did recently buy some new red fabric and pretty light blue/gray fabric to change things up a bit. Plus, I think the red pops of color make things a little more festive. 

The nutcrackers were purchased from Sears a few years ago- I got them during an after Christmas sale, so they were marked down pretty low. My husband doesn't think they will live to see next Christmas because the girls love playing with them and can be a little rough sometimes. The ballerina's hair has been falling out a little since they last played with her, but I don't want to get rid of either one of them- not any time soon at least!

For the decor in the dining room, I kept things pretty simple. 
I added some garland and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree my Dad gave us a few years ago. It's still holding up!

I also added some garland and pine cones to our banister- I think it's probably one of my favorite spots to look at throughout the day.

We decided to put our Christmas tree in the living room this year, and I think we did that last year too, but the year before it was in the family room.
I just hung up our stockings and added a few other small Christmas touches to the family room.

The tree was decorated by our girls and their Mema.
Our son has only tried a few times to take off some of the ornaments and use them as a baseball. ;)

I hope to take some more pictures of the living room and get a post up soon about it, but for now I'll just share more of our family room and kitchen.

I also added this large chalkboard wall to an area of our kitchen. Before, I had alternated between hanging pictures or chalkboard frames here, but decided a painted chalk wall would be the best way to utilize the space. It's great for reminders, grocery lists, calendars, and the like.

I have other parts of the house decorated as well and hope to get to those sometime soon. 

Happy December!

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