Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Other Parts of our Home Decorated for Christmas

We didn't spend a whole lot of time decorating all of our home for Christmas. Mainly, the downstairs has the most Christmas decor, but we did manage to add a little Christmas cheer to other parts of our home (like our girls' room and our master bedroom). Since we used decorations that we already owned from previous years, it helped keep things simple, but still gave us that Christmas feeling throughout the home.

In our girls' room, I hung up some "stockings" that I bought a year or so ago. They are one of those accidental happenings because I originally purchased them to wear under my boots, but I never actually did wear them anywhere because they were a little too tight near my knees. ;) 
Anyways, I needed to find some kind of use for them so I hung them up on the girls' closet doors. I think they look pretty cute up there.

The pre-lit Christmas tree we found in the attic about 2 years ago when we moved here. It was already decorated with pink accents, so it fits perfectly in the girls' room.  
And if you can, ignore the mess in the dolls house. My girls still love to play with it, but that means that the dolls who live their along with their furniture get knocked down repeatedly moved all over the place.

The smaller Christmas trees you see on the nightstand and the bookshelf were purchased at the Dollar Tree. The girls had fun decorating those this year. 
I remember when my sister and I were little, we each had one of those trees, and every year it was so fun to decorate. I figured I could pass along that tradition to my girls! 

I bought these little sparkly red stockings at Party City. They came in a pack of 30 I believe, for about $5.00.  I placed some of them on the doors in our home and the other 24 are hanging up in our kitchen window.

Our room was kept pretty simple, as you can see. I just placed some of our Gator ornaments in here (Go Gators!) and hung our stockings up.

Oh, and yes, that is my middle child sitting in her brother's high chair. She wanted to eat her snack there and so I thought, why not?! She is such a goofball!!

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