Thursday, December 8, 2016

Living Room for Christmas

I finally got around to photographing our living room for the holidays. 
I mentioned in my last post that we are using decor from previous years, and because of that, the living room decor was kept simple. I really think that's how we like things during this time of year. Things can get pretty busy during the holidays, and when you don't have all that much time to put into decorating (like us) it helps us feel like we aren't overdoing things!

The tree was nicely decorated by our girls and their Mema this year. We love that our Christmas tree has many years of memories on it- including some hand-made things I made when I was about the same age as my daughters. :) It's fun to see the kids ask about a few of those ornaments on the tree.

The turkey was made by my oldest and the Christmas tree I made when I was in kindergarten.

I also added this green rug to the couch. It's a pretty thin rug and after moving it around to a few spots in the house, it's finally settled back into the living room (where it was originally). Except this time, I placed it on the couch, because, why not?! ;)

Below is a view of our banister decorated with some garland I have used in the past and some pine cones my girls and I found around our neighborhood.

Both of our girls made a star ornament (one at church and the other at school) and I love how they added it to the top of our tree. It makes it more personal and it's something I hope we have for many years to come!

I still have a few other spots to photograph (like the girls room and our bedroom), so once those are done, I will post them as well. I really like this time of year- our house feels so cozy and warm with all the Christmas decor and the lights!

Do you enjoy decorating your space for the season?

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