Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Bit of Randomness for the Guest Room

Good morning, everyone!
So the guest room is slowly but surely being transitioned into Tess' big girl room. Yesterday, I went out to run some errands and stopped at Home Depot for some paint and at Ross for some curtain fabric. I actually found a queen sheet set that I loved because of the pattern on the fabric and decided to use the bed sheet as a curtain for the room (with a little bit of tweaking to it, of course) and will use the fitted bed sheet to recover a storage ottoman in her room.
More pics to come of all of that soon, but in the meantime, I took some pictures of my progress so far and the "organization" I am trying to get done in the room. Please excuse the mess in some of the photos, but hopefully this gives a good idea of where the room is headed decor-wise.
This is the Target storage cube that is getting transformed with a new coat of paint that I purchased at Home Depot. It will take me a few days to cover the whole thing because I am painting laminate and that takes longer to settle in than if the storage cubes were made of wood.

I just bought regular old latex paint to change up this furniture piece. So far it is working pretty well.

Here are some pictures of the new sheets I bought at Ross and used one of them to make curtains for the room. You can see a better picture of the pattern below.

Here is the closet full of little baby clothes that Tess no longer fits into, so I packed them away and they will sit in the attic for who knows how long.  ;)  ;)

Much better after the clothes were cleared out!

But then I still had this mess to clear out and once I did, I put one of the other Target storage pieces
I had in there and may paint it later in the future.

In a few months, it will hopefully have cute little bins that will fit inside each cube and hold a plethora of things like clothes, toys, etc.

And here is another picture of the closet so far.
There is still a TON more to do, but this gives you a quick idea of what we have going on so far.
More to come later in the week!
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  1. Love the wall color! Pls what paint did you use? Thanks!

  2. Love the wall color! Pls what paint did you use? Thanks!


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