Friday, September 14, 2012

Painted Target Storage Shelf

Good morning! Happy Friday everyone! :)
Well, finally the storage shelf is finished and painted! YAY! It still hasn't been brought up to Tess' room yet, but I have pictures to show you of what it looks like now. I also have a few tips of the things I learned along the way when painting this piece of furniture.
There is still a little bit of drying to do as far as the paint goes, but it's looking good and I am so happy about that!


Side picture:

And this is the before of the Target shelf. It was a little dusty before I prepped and painted it, but the afters are so much better!

And a few quick prepping tips!
1. Make sure to clean the surface of the furniture piece you are going to paint.
2. Buy a product called Zinsser if you are going to be painting laminate. I should've researched about that first, but I didn't and started painting my laminate furniture first with latex paint- end result= BAD IDEA!
3. Use Zinsser oil based primer, let dry AT LEAST one hour, then paint with whatever color you want. I chose to use my favorite glossy white spray paint from Rustoleum for the job and love the way it turned out in the end!
It only took a week, HAHA!!, but it is finally done and I can't wait to put the room together.
Thanks for stopping by and happy Friday everyone!!!!

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