Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Daugther's New Room Plans

Good morning, everyone!
I am up blogging a little early today because we have a busy day ahead of us with errands and such to get done. But first, I want to share with you our plans to redecorate our daughter's new room!! I am soooo excited about this- really!!! :)
You see, Tess' new room is not that big and it really doesn't need to be, but I want to make the room spacious enough for her to be able to hang out in and read books as well as sleep comfortably. So, I finally, after much much planning, came up with what I think is a good idea on how to set up her room.
My idea is to put Target storage cubes (kind of like the IKEA ones but much cheaper) along one of the walls of her room for books, toys, blankets, etc. etc. Then, on the other wall, we would put a bed (probably a twin since she is growing FAST!) and a desk for reading and doing projects. And yes I know she isn't 5 yet, but our little one loves to keep herself busy with small projects. I wish I had a picture drawn up that I could upload for you to see my plans, but the program I have won't let me do that- bummer!!!
I will be posting pictures once we start getting the room together...which will be this week but will be a slightly slow process. We are thinking about ordering a bed from Wal-Mart and using that for Tess' bed because of the size and the storage. Here is a quick picture I grabbed from Wal-Mart's website on the bed.
The storage under the bed is also something we were looking for and the price is pretty good. The reviews online were positive so we really think we might order it sometime this week. That will probably be the last thing to go into the room since we are changing a lot of the room and this piece is the only thing we are planning to order online.
Okay, that's our plan and I will post more pictures of the room this week! :)
In the meantime, go out and enjoy this weather we are having! It is beautiful out there!
Thanks for stopping by. :)

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