Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Covering a T.V. Cord

Well hello and happy Wednesday!
This week has been flying by so must be because of the holiday on Monday and the cooler weather. Although I am finding myself saying that each week goes by quickly quite a bit. It seems that way as you get older because as a kid, I remember some weeks would just drag and drag. Funny how that changes!
Since I don't have much to post about the rug purchases I was thinking about since I am waiting for a BIG sale, I decided to move on to something we have been planning for a few weeks. Lately, we moved our TV to a different wall in our family room and ever since then, we have had a big black television cord sticking out everywhere and we needed to fix that. So, we went to Home Depot over the weekend and bought some white electrical tape (I use to use this particular tape to wrap my tennis racket handle back in the day) to wrap around the cord so it hides better. We also plan on nailing the cord (with a special hook and nail) to the moulding on the wall.
Here are some pictures of what we had to start....and it is pretty bad just to warn ya!
This was the tape we bought at Home Depot for under $4.00 and it included 66 feet of tape.

Here is the wrapped cord to the left and the remaining cord to the right. I am not going to bother wrapping the whole thing because most of it will be hidden behind the TV so there really is no point.

So we haven't yet placed it on the wall yet, but here is an idea of how the cord will look (kinda) next to the fireplace. The cord is barely showing next to the mantle so I think when we finally get the nails in, it will look even better. :)
Okay, hopefully I can get this done this week to show you.
Thanks for stopping by!

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