Monday, October 1, 2012

Wall Shelves

Hi there!!
Happy Monday!
This week I hope to be pretty consistent in blog posting...we will see how the week goes because it always depends on how busy we get as a family. I mean, I have really enjoyed blogging and when I first started out this year doing it, I would almost obsess about it. That is probably partly why it has been hard to get back into blogging daily (except for the weekends because I don't like to blog during that time). Also, as a family we have also been pretty busy with work, Bible study leadership, participation in family activities in the area, etc. so it can be hard juggling those with blogging sometimes. But I have learned to not stress too much and obsess about it and just relax.  :)
Well, today I just want to post about wall shelves I have seen done in the blogosphere from other blogs so I have always wanted to try it out in our home. Plus, I knew the perfect spot that we could hang wall shelves for our daughter's books....and my oh my does she have many books!!! You will see more of that in tomorrow's post.
For now, I just wanted to post some inspiring pictures of wall shelves and then tomorrow, I will show you the one's we installed this weekend! I can't wait!!!! We are soooo giddy about them that whenever we walk by and see our shelf masterpiece, we say, "Wow those look GOOD!!!" And our daughter is in love with the idea too!
Here are some of the photos that inspired me to create our own shelves in our home.
Raising Olives blog
Apartment Therapy
It's Written on the Wall blog
and another picture
Ahhhh!!!!! How cute are these, right??
I can't wait to show you ours tomorrow, so stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by!

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