Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Well, I told you I would post today about our rain gutter bookshelves, and that is exactly what I am going to do! YAY! It was an exciting project to think about and to finally have it done is great.
I have some pictures to show you and will explain what we did to make these, but it was pretty cut and dry.
We also didn't use end brackets or anything like that which I have seen on other blogs, but if we need to go out and purchase some for our shelves, we will.

This is the blank wall we started with. It is painted in Sherwin Williams 'Wool Skein.'

We measured the wall and where we wanted the shelves to go with our measuring tape and I had my hubby cut each gutter in half. We bought 2 rain gutters for a big whopping total of $10!!

That means that each shelf cost $5.00........I got pretty excited about that!

Here is the first shelf we put up.
The hubs thought it was at a good height and that it would be best to put the rest of the shelves below this one. Boy, he was right 'cause he is smart like that. :)

And this is what our little lovey was doing in the meantime.
Yes, she is trying to shove her socks and hats into her diaper genie, but don't worry, it's clean people! We are not that gross! Ha!

She just kept grabbing as many socks and hats as she could to stuff into the top of the genie.

She cracks us up!!!!!

Here is the second shelf going up....

I used the books at the top as our guide as to what height we needed between each shelf.

More leveling and placing the last shelf up on the wall!!!!

And there are some of our daughter's books.
She has so many more than that...crazy, huh?!
But at least these are the ones we can all see and the bottom shelf is at her height so she can easily access any book she wants.

Here she is looking at one of the many books she grabbed from the shelf....and of course it is an Elmo learning book. :)

"I love Elmo!"
She does and she loves her Elmo stuffed animal too!

So there they are! Our rain gutter shelves....all for a total of about $10.00!!!! Seriously, we were soooo excited about it and every time we walk by them we say, "Man, those look so good!"

Have you tried using rain gutters for creative ideas around your home?

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  1. I love your new bookshelves and so nice of your hubby to put them up for you!!

    Following you for more of you fun DIYs!

    ~ Darlene

    1. Thanks, Darlene!!!

      I hope you stay tuned for more DIY adventures this week!


  2. Are they sturdy?

  3. Yes! I made sure to buy the clips for them that keep them held together so our kids can get the books down without any problems. Just look at any hardware store for them.


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