Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Putting The Bench Together--The Process

Hello, hello!
Happy Tuesday everyone!
I am back with more updates on our bench.
It is finally put together and just needs a few little touch-ups and paint and it's ready to go in the loft.
I have some pictures of the process as it continues and hope to have pictures soon after the bench is painted.
Some of the holes were drilled too far into the wood so I had to add an extra nail to reinforce the bench.


Once the nails were in place at the bottom of the bench, I flipped over the bench so I could start on the top.

Here is a picture I took before the holes were drilled for the nails but I wanted to see what the overall bench would look like so I placed the long board on the top of the bench and took a quick picture.


As you can see, the toy boxes fit perfectly inside of the bench. I wanted a little extra height at the top so the bench measured about 14" high and figured having that extra room at the top of the toy box would be good in case we get bigger storage bins in the future.

This is the fabric I am thinking of using when I make a cushion for the bench.
That will come in the future because I need to buy the foam/cushion first.

And here is a picture of the top of the bench with the nails in place.
After some touch-up and paint, you won't see the nails as much and once the seat cushion goes on, they won't be visible at all.

Another picture of one of the nails that didn't take well so I had to add an extra nail next to it so the bench would hold.
This bench is pretty sturdy thanks to the wood and the nails!
I can't wait to paint it and get it up in the loft for our little ones to play.  :)
Stay tuned for more and thanks for stopping by!

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