Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chevron Curtains...Moving Around

Hi everyone!!
I hope you had a fabulous weekend.
Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner??
I feel like it was just yesterday that my family and I gathered together to celebrate Christmas when our daughter was just 6 months old! Can't believe it's here again and we have another little girl on the way soon...time just keeps going by soooo fast!
Anyways...I did manage to get a little DIY done recently and wanted to share with you all the progress. Just when I think I have a good solution to designing our home, another idea pops into my head and I just have to try it out.
That is exactly what happened with the chevron curtains I hung in our family room....which ended up being moved to the kitchen (More on that later).
So here is what I started out with:
I purchased some chevron (charcoal in color) fabric from Amazon.com and cut the fabric down to the size I needed.

Then I laid out the fabric on the old curtains we had to see what it would look like putting the two together.

Then I used Steam-A-Seam2 instead of sewing to keep the fabric onto the old curtains.

And this is what the curtains looked like after they were hung up in our room.

It wasn't bad, but I really wanted to see what the chevron fabric would look like in our kitchen and I wanted to see what the chevron fabric would look like hung by themselves in the family room.

So I decided to do a little switcheroo and these ended up in the kitchen.

I kind of like them here better because it seems to go well with the chevron seating I made for our kitchen nook.

I think I still need to get use to them in here, but I'm kind of digging it right now.
What do you think?
And I will post about the other chevron curtains in our family room tomorrow hopefully.
Here's to hoping it will look good in the other room too!
Thanks for stopping by!

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