Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guest Room/Big Girl Room Update III

Howdy, howdy!
Don't know why I opened with that...just wanted to be different. ;)
Well, today I said I would share with you more pictures of the room transformation since I had recently changed out the curtains so that is what I am doing for today's post.

The original curtains we had in the room were blue bed sheets that I hung up using silver ring clips.
I didn't like the color combination of the curtains with the wall color and the hints of pink in the room, so I wanted to change those out.

Here is a picture of our daughter's wall shelf with some of her favorite books and some of our favorite pictures of her when she was an itty-bitty newborn! Feels like just yesterday when we held her for the first time after her birth....but that was 19 months ago!! Wow!

 In the future, I have plans to turn this wall into a personal wardrobe for our daughter's when they possibly end up sharing this room in the future.
I would also love to build a reading bench with storage underneath for them too!
But for now, we are keeping things real simple in the room just to be safe. :)

Okay, so back to the curtains.....
I swapped out the blue bed sheet curtains for some nice white curtains we had on hand.
I had forgotten about these curtains as they weren't in use at the time when I found them so I figured they would be a great fit in our daughter's room.

Here are the new curtains after they were hung up in the room...I like the feel of them much better than the blue ones we had before.

And here is one of our little cuties playing on her bed with one of her pajama friend dollies. :)

 This room gets a good amount of natural light which we love and it was important for me to keep that feel the same when decorating.

We also switched out the nightstand for something smaller and I moved the bigger nightstand into another room for more storage.

Again, there is much I would like to do with this room in the future, but for now, we are happy with keeping it simple and easy.

Thanks for stopping by!

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