Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guest Room Transformations

Hello all!
It's Thursday already! is still super cold here. We might get some snow today or tomorrow which is always exciting.

I have some updates to share with you about our guest room.
Since we are expecting another little girl soon...and SOON...we have been preparing our firstborns new room. Our guest room will become our oldest daughters big girl room which she will have all to least for a few years or so. ;)
This room has gone through quite a few changes over the past year and a half. I know, it sounds crazy that we haven't even lived in our home for 2 years and I have painted this room 3 times!!!! Cruhazyy!
Anyways, I don't have pictures to show of what the room looked like the first time I tried decorating it, but just image light blue and dark blue stripes on one wall and the rest of the walls were white. I was kind of going for a seashore type of decor at first, but that just wasn't working.

Then, I painted the walls gray and went with a gray and yellow themed room. It was nice for our guests, but it's not what I was going for for our daughter. we are painting it a mix of Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki and Relaxed Khaki. The color is very neutral which will be nice for adding any kind of accent colors to the room.

For more on what the room use to look like you can click here and here.
While we loved it, it just wasn't something I wanted for my we are going with something a little more cheery.

Here are some updates to share with you.
There is still lots to do so keep that in mind.

 Some of the poms were made by me a while ago and the other colorful ones were made by a friend- she used them for my baby shower and they were just too cute to not use in this room!

The curtains are actually bed sheets that no longer fit our new bed.
I still have to hem them and iron them, but I think the color will look good in here with the other accents.

So like I said, there is still a TON left to do.
We are hoping to get this room completed within the next couple of weeks.

I still need to hem and iron the curtains...
Need to add a few more accessories to the space...
Work on getting the closet organized (no pictures of that yet)
I still need to finish painting...
I want to hang the poms higher and closer to the ceiling...
And that might just about do it with this space...
Oh! and we need to work on getting our sweet little one to recognize that this will be her new room with her very own big girl bed!  :)

Are any of your little ones transitioning to a more "big kid friendly" space??

Thanks for stopping by!

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