Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Planting Some Mums and Little Evergreens

We are slowly, but surely, working on sprucing up our front yard and backyard. Over the weekend, we planted some little flowers around our mailbox and we added 4 evergreen trees (little ones) around our big tree. We also added some pavers around the mailbox and trees in our yard to spiff them up a bit!

Take a look!

These are the flowers we bought at Home Depot and we planned on planting them by the mailbox.

And, yea, our mailbox is going to get repainted...we just haven't had the chance to do it quite yet. :)

These little beauties my hubby planted around our tall tree in the front yard. We also decided to add black mulch to fill in the areas and give it a nicer touch.

We even put our little helper to work and she loved it!

We are really, really loving the way all of this is turning out. Our yard is starting to have some curb appeal and it's looking good!

How do you add curb appeal to your home?

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