Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Outdoor Pictures to Share

When my in-laws were visiting, my hubby and I enjoyed some time "landscaping" our yard.
We took a quick trip to Home Depot to purchase some plastic coverings to line our sidewalk and the driveway area and we added more bricks around the shrubs in the back yard and the mail box in the front yard.

When we moved our holly trees  from the front to the back yard, we moved some bricks there too to keep the mulch retained and to add some landscape appeal. We double stacked the bricks to give it a cleaner look.

Out in the front yard, we used these black plastic barriers to line the side walk and driveway. They were a much better deal than buying more bricks and we think they look pretty good with our shrubs.

We used any leftover brick to line around the mail box (which we plan to add flowers to in the future) and the big tree we have in the front yard. We triple stacked the bricks around the tree since we had so many bricks and it turned out great!

I like how the color matches the stone work we have on the front of the house!

My daughter loves placing little pine cones around our little tree. :) It's the perfect size for her!

And this little tree needs some work...actually, the whole front patio needs some lovin', and I have ideas for this space in the future....but I haven't planned on actually working on that yet until we get some other things done with our home.

Do you enjoy doing yard work like this? I'd love to hear!

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