Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Great Weekend

Well, every weekend (and day that is!) is really a blessing. I absolutely LOVE spending time with my family and when we have family who visits us from out of town, it is always such a delight. For a week, my in-laws were in town and we had a blast! Seriously, it was so much fun and our girls had a great time too!

Here are a few pictures of their visit with us. And sorry I didn't post yesterday...but I plan on having some pictures us this week of what we were able to do with our yard...it was nice being able to work on that with my hubby while the grandparents watched the girls for a bit.

We took a trip to a nearby museum and could have spent all day there...it was awesome! This museum had so many little exhibits for kids and our daughter was enthralled with it all!
Check out this little classroom below! Too cute!

We went out to eat a few times while they were here...which is always a rarity with two little ones...but they did so well! Our youngest even entertained herself the entire time with a few toys on hand. :)

Our little miss checking out her new ride!!! A bubble lawnmower from the grandparents! I don't think they had such things when I was her age!

It was a great visit and always hard to see them leave, but we are so thankful for Skype and since we do that with them once a week, we know we can look forward to seeing them even though they aren't always here in person.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have fun plans for the week ahead! I will have more posts this week. :)

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