Monday, July 15, 2013

Backyard Progress

Ever since we moved in to our home a few years ago, we haven't touched our backyard. It is in need of a change so we decided to do something about that.
We recently took some holly trees from our front yard and added them to our backyard. Boy was that some hard work...digging up our grass, digging up the holly trees, digging holes for the trees, and then replanting them! We only were able to move 2 of them last weekend and we still have 3 more to move.

But here is where we are at now:

The area that was dug up use to look like the picture below. 
No going back now. ;)

We also moved the old grass to parts of the lawn that had dirt patches.
Our oldest daughter played outside while the youngest was either with me or napping.

Don't worry, I did plenty of the work too. :)

We removed the holly trees from the front yard and placed them in the backyard.

Then we purchased more of these little guys and put them where the holly trees use to be.
We only need to buy 3 more and move 3 more holly trees and we are done with that part of the yard!

 Do you enjoy doing yard work?
I have to say it was definitely HARD work, but the end result is a good pay off.

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