Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Styling Our Sofa Table

So I have to be honest...when I say that I "styled" our sofa table, I use the term loosely.
We have 2 little girls, one of whom just turned two! So you can image that if I had pretty things flanking our sofa table, little hands would get all over them. 
Therefore, our sofa table actually holds our daughter's toys and my magazines. It may not be magazine worthy in pictures or in person, but it's real and practical for us! 
Know what I mean?

These linen bins were a wedding gift from a teacher friend of mine years ago. I think she would be happy to know that they are used to store toys now! :)

Isn't the stain on the table so pretty?! We love it. It gives the home a nice rustic feel and it looks natural. :)

Got to love having furniture in the house that is practical and looks good at the same time!!

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