Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dining Room- Progress but Still a Few More Things to Do

Hi everyone!! I hope you are having a good Wednesday.
This post is a little overdue, but I finally have taken a few more pictures of our dining room to share. 
There is still some more to do in our dining room, like get a buffet table and style it and finish the other set of curtain in there...I still have yet to put a fabric border on one of the sets. ;) That just seems to be how I work project to the next and finishing them along the way.

Anyways, here are some of the photos I took of that space recently.

The gold chandy is staying for now... I would love to be able to switch it out for something a bit more updated, but it's just not on our list right now.

After looking at these pictures in the editing process, I am not sure I love the orange fabric in this space. It kind of clashes with the walls a little bit I's really not that bad, but it isn't what I had I may be switching that out at some point.

My little mini-me wanted to be in some of the pictures. ;)

This is the side of the wall where I want to put a little buffet table eventually. Still on the lookout for the right one!

If anyone is wondering, the wall color is called Intellectual Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is a medium-tone gray with green and brown undertones. It looks more brown/ gray in direct sunlight and at night, it gives off a dark sage tone.

Hoping to have some other things to share in the days to come.
Thanks for stopping by!

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