Monday, October 6, 2014

Mundane Faithfulness

I had plans to share pictures of our dining room with you today, but I couldn't resist talking about a new-to-me blog called Mundane Faithfulness. I normally don't always introduce you guys to new bloggers on here...but....
as I was reading one of my favorite design bloggers, Emily Clark, a few days ago, I stumbled upon a beautiful blog called Mundane Faithfulness by a lovely woman named Kara Tippets.


She is an outspoken lover of Christ and shares the beautiful message about him with every post she writes. Not only that, but she is married with 4 children and has battled breast cancer and now found out that she has brain cancer...quite the scary prognosis and path she has been on. But you know what, she loves the Lord and it shows through her writing.

Before I continue more, I need to say that I know this is definitely a heavy that I normally don't ever do or talk about, but I really felt the Spirit telling me to share her blog with you all in case you haven't heard about it. I don't know Kara personally, though I would have loved to, but she needs our prayers and really in addition to that, she serves as an inspiration to me. 

I am so drawn to her story and her mission. She really loves the way I want to love and need to love the Lord and those around me and she preaches the gospel so clearly and effortlessly....even through the pain and anguish she faces. I admit that it is hard to know what to pray for sometimes when I think about her. I also feel convicted as well. Here I see this woman, whom I don't even know, going through so much and yet, she uses the media (her blog and social networking) for God's glory and praises Him for the wonderful life He has given her! I mean come on! How amazing is that!! 
Convicting too....but it has been teaching me a lesson and I am grateful to share her story here in hopes that others will not only pray for her and her family, but that we will feel convicted and want to live a life according to the gospel of God and do as we are called to do- love God and love others.
As I read her story and her posts, I can't help but to see that this woman has been given much different circumstances than me right now, and all I can hear in the background is my own grumbling in day to day tasks. Yet, here she is with this diagnosis and is living life to the fullest with every day she has. Shouldn't I be doing the same?

Here is what Emily Clark has to say about her and her blog:

A friend recently introduced me to a blog that I honestly didn’t want to start reading. The author is a mom of four with an amazing faith—and advanced cancer. But, the beautiful part of her blog is that every time I read it, I feel more inspired than sad. I want to love the people around me more, savor little moments more, trust Him more. That’s really her whole message and the reason she wrote this book that was released this past Wednesday. I just ordered it and thought you might want to, too.

Again, I am not writing and sharing this to make whoever reads it feel sad and upset, I am sharing all of this because we need to see the beauty in God and what he has made all around us. I am truly grateful for His Word, my family and friends, and the moments I get to spend here in this moment because life is fleeting and, now that I am older, seems to be moving by quickly. I don't want to take it for granted. I know that is easier said then done, but these stories share as a reminder (at least for me) just how precious this life is. 

The Word of God says it perfectly:
Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” 

I always need that reminder from His Word...God's love covers all and it is Him who loved us first. All the praise and glory be given to him, indeed.

Thanks for stopping by.

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