Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's December!!!

It's December! Can you believe it?! 
The days and months are sure flying by to me and I am really trying to take it all in one day at a time and enjoy every second of it. 

With Christmas not too far away, we started decorating around the house. We added a few touches here and there....the plan was to keep things simple but still Christmassy (if that's even a word).  :)

I added a garland to our stairs with some stockings and ornaments to adorn it. We put up our tree and went with silver and gold as the theme this year. I can't wait for our girls to see their presents under the tree. Now that they are a bit older (but still very young) they will remember this Christmas more than the last, and that is extra special to me. 

We have also been reading from Scripture every night and plan to keep that up on a regular basis, not just for the holidays. They get excited about it now because after we are done reading about Jesus, they get a little treat at the end. I think most importantly, we want them to know that God loves them NO MATTER WHAT. We want our kids to know that God has loved them ever since the beginning and will always.

You may or may not have noticed a new wall color in the living room. (see picture above).
I haven't painted the whole room yet...but the plan is to go with a beautiful color by Benjamin Moore called Gray Mirage. It is lovely!! Right when I put the sample up, I knew it was the one. We plan on keeping the wood trim the same and not painting over it, so I wanted something that not only went with the rest of the house, but something that would compliment the wood tones we have in there. It is also one of Candace Olsen's favorite color, so that was a plus! It is a nice rich gray with strong green undertones that compliment the wood trim we have. I'm looking forward to that room being finished soon.

Here are some examples of how Gray Mirage looks in other rooms if you are curious:




It's a muddy color with great undertones...hard to go wrong with it I think. And it looks great with wood trim as you can see. 

I hope everyone has a great week and a fun time decorating for the season!

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