Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 5 Posts of 2015

I cannot believe we are at the end of another year already!! 
2015 is going to come and go and a new year will be upon us! How did that happen so quickly??

I say this every year, but it seems feels like every year goes by quicker than the one before. I mean really, it seems like I blinked and we hit December...and now it will be January 2016?! Wow!

I wanted to do a review of the top most viewed posts of 2015. This is a bit weird for me because I have never done this before...but I have seen other bloggers do this this week and wanted to give it a try. It's neat to look back and see some of the things we accomplished and did together as a family this year.

So here it goes...

#1 Buffet Table/Sideboard

This one comes as no surprise to was my most viewed post of the year with 629 views! I didn't even realize how many people have read this particular post until I was gathering my list and jotting down the top viewed blog post of the year. This one wins by far! To read the post about it, go here.

#2. Family Room- Before and Afters
This one was fun to look back on because the room looks different now then it did when this post was first published! Oddly enough, this post was also written almost one year ago (at the end of January 2015).

#3 DIY Granite Countertops- Just Paint It!!

And more than 6 months later...they are still holding strong!!

#4- Girls Room- Painted in Pink
This was a fun post to look back on because you can see the difference in how the room looked when we bought the house and how it looks now. We have also recently changed out the bright blue fan for a classic white one AND added a faux fireplace to the one wall where the shelf use to hang. 
This post almost tied with #3 with roughly 140 page views. 

#5- Master Bathroom Painted Vanity
We all love a good before and after, right? This one was pretty dramatic. Amazing what a little paint can do.

And there you have it- the top 5 most read posts of the year! Pretty neat to look back on and see what we were able to accomplish in a year with the new house. Looking forward to another year with more projects along the way!

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