Thursday, December 10, 2015

Living Room- Green Walls


It is one of my favorite colors. 

Oddly enough, I have never had a green room in our home (if you don't count the one time I painted the girls bathroom green and then quickly repainted it a different color because it didn't look right).
I don't know why, but for me, green is a tough color to pick out. There are so many shades of green and it can be hard to narrow it down to just one right color.

 Our daughter admiring the tree :)
To come up with the color for this room, I knew we needed something that would work with the wood trim because we didn't want to paint over it. I also wanted a color that would work with the rest of our downstairs which is mostly light gray.

I started by buying two samples of Benjamin Moore colors (mixed at Lowe's) to test on the walls. One was Gray Mirage (a really beautiful color!) and the other was Vale Mist. I didn't like Vale Mist right off the bat and Gray Mirage was the color I loved at first swipe. 
But, I wasn't 100% sold on buying a new gallon of I looked through my stash of leftover paint/samples and mixed 5 different colors together in a left over gallon I had and came up with the color you see pictured here. 
No joke, the color is actually really, really close to Gray Mirage (the one I loved but didn't want to buy a gallon of). I couldn't believe it! I even asked my husband to look at the two colors up on the wall next to each other and see if he could spot the difference between the two. He couldn't even tell there was a difference! :)
It was then that I decided to just go for it and use that color for this space.

Now our living room walls are this nice shade of green. It almost has a greige undertone to it and in some lights looks like a greige but in direct sunlight it is pretty obvious that it has a green base.

The photo above is blurry but you can see how the green pairs well with the hallway color (which is BM's Gray Owl). 

I'm pretty smitten with the new color and am very happy it turned out like I pictured. 

And sorry for the quality of some of the photos...I took these pictures while holding our youngest which was quite the balancing act!

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