Monday, December 28, 2015

Details of the Dollhouse

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
We definitely did! We enjoyed spending time together reflecting on the year and talking to our girls about the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. Our oldest is very curious about a lot of things and loves to ask questions especially about what Christmas we love telling her about God's love and Jesus. It's fun to watch her light up with happiness knowing that He loves her so. 
We also have family visiting which means my next post won't be for another few days.

I wanted to share a few details about the doll house today.
Speaking of the doll house, our girls loved it! I made sure to not just take pictures of the doll house, but I also managed to take a short video of them opening the gift. They were so excited about it and days later, they still play with it! Hooray!

So the house dimensions were pretty basic...I had my hubby cut the wood for me but I pretty much took it from there. ;)
The house is about 2 feet wide and about 30 inches high which is perfect for the age range of our girls.

The first two floors house the family room and the kitchen. I also added a picket fence to the base to give it that real house feel. It turned out pretty well...although I did have to staple the fence pieces to the base because glue just wasn't cuttin' it. Even the strong stuff! 

The second floor has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom while the third floor has a master bedroom and playroom.
Even though these rooms each have a theme, none of the furniture is permanent so our girls have free-reign to move things around if they so choose. And they have chosen to do that every time they play...nothing like finding the play toilet in one of the bedrooms and the dining table in the family room. :)

The fireplace and kitchen were drawn and colored in. I almost purchased a fireplace for the family room along with some other pieces....almost. Doll house furniture and accessories can get pretty expensive (as you can imagine) and when you add everything up, there was no way I was going to buy all that. ;)

And speaking of the kitchen, here is Miss Olivia and her cat in the doll house kitchen:
The dining table was purchased at the Dollar Tree, for, you guessed it, $1!! Now that is a deal.

Next up is Olivia's room where we have purple floral wallpaper, some stickers, a bed, dresser, and a sweet dangling light fixture. 

The dresser and bed were also Dollar Tree purchases and were spray painted with some leftover paint.

The bathroom (only one in the house) is between the 2 bedrooms on the second floor.
For the toilet, happens to be one of our girl's favorite things to play with for some reason, I glued a floss container and shampoo cap together and wrapped it in twine...because, who doesn't love a twine wrapped toilet?! Adding the twine was really the only way I could get the two to stay together. 
For the sink, I glued some washers to the top of a toothpaste carrier and screwed in a small eye hook to act as the faucet. These were things we already had in the house so it cost nothing to make! Sometimes you got to get creative!

On to "the boy's room". In this room, we have a bed, desk, chair, and a fun patterned wallpaper. Ian, the pig, totally loves hanging out in his room with his cool red robot. ;)

The top floor is another bedroom for Olivia's parents. It's pretty simple with a bed, tall dresser, and a couple of pictures.

The other room on the top floor is the playroom...I added this fun pinwheel paper to the back and some other things to the room the girls already had like the red wagon and the pink trunk.

Overall, the decorating was kept simple with few permanent pieces in the doll house because I knew the girls would be moving things around at their own leisure. 
So that's the tour of the house! Thank you to those of you who have followed along. :) I really do appreciate all of my readers!!

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