Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Room- Moving Things Around

Good afternoon, friends!

My daughter and I spent a good morning at the beach with some friends we know and we had an awesome time. :) Tess has been to the beach a few times before, but it is always neat to see the new things she is learning when we go. She loves to play in the sand and by the water, and today we actually used a shovel and a bucket a little bit. YAY for new learning experiences!

So today, I wanted to post more about our family room. Things are changing with it constantly until I find the right fit for everything we have, but I manage to snap some photos for you.
Please ignore the "messiness" of the house- I didn't get a big chance to clean up because we have been busy, but these photos will give you a good idea of my plans for our room.

So we had an L-shaped black leather couch that took up a lot of space in our family room and it wasn't really practical. So, we are giving it away to a thrift store and I replaced it with these two armchairs and a sofa.

I made this striped pillow and the fabric is from

Another pillow I made. :)

A quick picture of our unfinished mantle. I can never figure out how to decorate this thing year-round so it is always changing.

This picture cracked me up when I uploaded it. The lady on TV looks hilarious with her expression. I just captured that at the right time- and it wasn't planned F.Y.I.

Here you can see all of our daughter's toys. They have a place once she is napping or in bed so it doesn't always look like this, don't worry.  ;)

I just wanted to give you an idea of how our room is coming along.

There is still much to do, but I am taking my time on it- no rush. :)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked our very "mini" room tour.

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