Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday Party and Birthday Princess

Hi everyone!! Sorry I have been missing from the blog for a few days, but we have had family and friends in town and it has been pretty crazy (in a good way) busy for us, but I finally have some time to blog about the birthday party.

I didn't go overboard in setting up for our daughter's birthday party since she is turning 1, but I did do some things around the house so I will be taking today and tomorrow to show you some pictures of the set-up. :)

So this was the overall look of the dining room for the party (minus the pictures of all of the presents on the floor).  :)
I hung some puff balls from the ceiling (which were made out of coffee filters and Dollar Tree tissue paper), added some greenery to the table, and some fresh flowers.

To make the puff balls, I used tissue paper from the Dollar Tree and rolled them into a ball.
These were going to become the base of the ball for the coffee filters.

My hubby (yes, he totally helped me make these) and I made some flowers out of these coffee filters. We put two of them together and then hot glued them onto the tissue paper.

Then we hung them up with some string and some yarn (for extra sturdiness).

I still really love our painted tree mural and the idea of placing family pictures onto it. :)
It adds a little bit of a personal touch to our room!

And here is our little princess beauty with her first pair of pink sunglasses!! What a lady!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures tomorrow!

So how do you decorate for your child's birthday?

Thanks for stopping by!

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