Thursday, July 5, 2012

Part II of the Party

Good morning, friends!
I am here with another post about our daughter's birthday party.
We kept things pretty simple this year with decorations and such but still had a wonderful time celebrating our daughter's first birthday!!

Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy!

For dinner, I decided to go a little coastal with the food and made 3 main dishes with sides as well.

First up, I made a black bean salad with avacados.

I also made some salmon quesadillas with a cream cheese filling.

And lastly, I made a chicken and salsa dish with diced tomatoes and corn.
So goooood!!!

I plan on posting tomorrow for the salmon quesadilla recipe.
You have to try it out, especially if you love salmon and cream cheese.

These dishes were a hit at the party and I would definitely make them again!

Thanks for stopping by!

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