Monday, July 16, 2012

The Passover

Last night, my husband and I were reading through a few chapters in Exodus and we also read Psalm 23. As we read through these chapters together, I saw things brought to mind that either I had easily forgotten or had never noticed before. Sometimes when we read scripture, I think that what we are about to read is going to be something I already know about, but then something new jumps out to me that I had never noticed before and it gets pretty exciting when that happens! I guess that can happen to anyone who reads a favorite book through more than once or watches a movie a few times. Maybe this isn't the greatest example, but I have seen the movie Dumb and Dumber about 11 times (and still laugh at every scene)! I know that sounds a little crazy, and maybe it is, but every time I watch Dumb and Dumber, there are new things I see and lines I pick up on that I didn't before.

To be more specific, as we were reading through Exodus 12, the Passover, the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron to tell the people of Israel to take a male lamb that is without blemish and offer it up and take some of the blood to put up on the two doorposts of their houses. The blood on the doorposts of each home was to be a sign so that when the Lord passed over them that night, no plague would strike them (The plague of death I am talking of can be found in chapter 11 of Exodus and Chapter 12:29-32).

What became more clear to me this time as we read these verses was that this lamb that the Israelites were offering up was a symbol of the perfect and blameless lamb that was to come years later. That perfect lamb is Jesus Christ who was sacrificed on the cross in our place for our sins.

Knowing this will help me realize the importance of Easter- not just as a holiday to eat and gather with family, but for its main importance and that is the Risen Lamb, Christ, from the dead after he was crucified.

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