Monday, April 22, 2013

Blogs with Style and Inspiration

I have been kinda obsessed with a few blogs lately because they always inspire me to use my own creativity and style in my own home.

For example, Emily Clark and her blog does such a good job combining pattern and paint to create an eclectic look that goes well together...which can be a hard thing to do, in my opinion. I love her dining room in the last house she and her family lived in.
It has given me inspiration to add texture and more color to our own dining room..


Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! For real!!
I am inspired to add crown molding and some bead-board to our walls because of this design in the picture above.

Another great blog I love to read and where I get tons of ideas from is YoungHouseLove. They decorate in such a neat and funky way and it all just works!!

This one particular post is awesome because in the future I want to add molding similar to what they did in their home. I don't know about your home, but our home didn't come with thick crown molding in each room so we have to get creative and do it ourselves. It doesn't sound like too hard of a job and it helps that my husband is great at taking measurements (it's the engineer in him).


Doesn't that image just make you want to add character to your own home, if you don't already have it, that is?! It does for me!!

Now, I just actually have to get the supplies I need to get these projects done.
But the thing is, it takes time and money to do them so I will be waiting a little longer before they are complete and I can show them on my blog.:)

Thanks for stopping by!

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