Friday, April 26, 2013

Dining Room Chairs- Head of the Table

Hello there!!
I hope you had a chance to read yesterday's post! 
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I left my last post off with a picture of our dining room and it has progressed tremendously since we moved into our home a few years ago! (Can't believe it's been that long already!!)  

If you look closely in the picture above (or maybe you don't have to) you will see that the head chairs are painting an off white color I created with some leftover paint.
It's the same paint I used to paint our buffet table. 

I took a trip with my two girls (yes, a trip to the store with my 2 lovely ladies under the age of 2!! Call me crazy, but it wasn't so bad at all)  to the Restore...LOVE that place!
I snagged up to dining chairs for, get this, $8.00 each and painted them!!!

I really wanted to have the head dining chairs to look different from the original ones we have because I love the look so much better.
Plus, it's always nice to have extra seating at the dining table when we entertain guests...which we will be doing tonight. 

I also love how our blue plates look when they are set up on the table. :)

 The blue plates and the gold napkins really compliment the tables and chairs nicely, I think!

Have you ever painted any of your dining room chairs?
 Do you like the look of mismatched chairs in the dining room?

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy weekend everyone!  


  1. Looks Fab! and yes I love mismatch'ness (just made that up) lol. I am working on some dining room chairs now for a table I just painted. Give me mismatch anyday! :) have a great weekend

  2. Thanks, Sharon!! I think mismatched chairs look great too! it keeps things from getting boring. :)


  3. They look great! I enjoy the mismatched chairs look as well. We don't have a big enough dining room set to really do that. It's more of a placeholder small table and chairs for now. Thanks for sharing your redo at A New Creation link party! I was laughing at you taking your little ones too. I remember a particularly difficult trip to the thrift store last year with an infant, a 2 year old and a 4 year old. I think I left the store with nothing because it just wasn't worth it!

  4. Yes, it can be tricky bringing little ones. :)
    It's all about the timing.



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