Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

Well, most of the rooms in our home are painted by now...our closets and laundry room haven't been painted and who knows when that will happen...probably not for a while at least. ;)
One of the rooms in our home that I haven't had the chance to paint yet is the master bathroom. I have the paint ready (just bought it over the weekend at Sherwin Williams during their 40% off sale) to go so I just have to commit and get it done. I am hoping that I can paint it either on a week night or on the weekend some time.
Here is the color I chose...
it is called Repose Gray and it is on the same color card as Dorian Gray which is the color of our master bedroom.

Repose gray is a pretty light gray that will look great with our wood cabinets and white countertops in the bathroom. I can't wait to decorate that space and show you the final result but I am afraid it might be a while before I get everything done in there....then again, when is anything ever "done" in my house...haha! I just love changing things up when I get the chance anyways!

Here are some pictures of Repose Gray being used in other homes.



I couldn't find too many pictures out there of Repose Gray but I am confident it will look great in our bathroom.

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for stopping by!

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