Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Entryway Table

YaY, it is already Wednesday!
It is crazy how the week just flies by sometimes.

Well, I posted yesterday about one of my projects (which happens to be a table/desk for our entryway) and I am back today to talk a little bit more about the progress I have made so far on this thrifted item.

Things completed so far:

Paint the table
Bronze the handles
Sand the top and apply Kona stain
Complete any touch-ups
Move from garage to entryway

Things still left to do:

Accessorize (add lamp, flowers, etc.)
Add more pops of color to the space
Fix drawers (they are a little unstable)...just a little folks :) enough rambling on about my lists and on to some pictures!

Not only is this desk a perfect spot for guests to store and place some items, but it is a nice place for me to house my laptop and other essential accessories.
The picnic basket was given to us by some very dear friends after my husband and I got engaged. :)
It's always nice decorating with sentimental items that mean something.

Don't stare too much at the uneven drawers....and don't worry, we have a plan to fix them! :)
At $9.00 for a desk like this, it was something we just couldn't pass up even if it isn't perfect from the start!
Plus, it has plenty of room to store other things I always need for projects like my glue gun, ribbon, tape, etc., etc.

I also covered this little ottoman that holds more items! Always a plus when you have storage around your house.
I find ottomans to be a win-win because they also create great seating in addition to the storage they provide.

If you remember from my last post, I painted this desk with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (in satin finish). LOVE this color! It is so perfect for our house.

I think the desk sits nicely under our gallery wall.
Got to love being able to blog while taking a trip down memory lane sometimes. :)

What do your entryways look like? I'd love to know if you have a similar set-up or something completely different.

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