Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day and Total Church

Well, it is Friday and the weekend is almost here! Which means that Father's Day is coming up and we can't wait to celebrate at our house. :)
Recently, my hubby and I have been reading a book together called Total Church, and we have really been enjoying it. We read this book together almost every night (as we do with other books, too) and it has been something that we look forward to doing because not only do we learn from each other about various things, but we also have time to talk and apply what we read to our lives.
I do hope to share more about this book later with you all, but for now we will keep things short. :)

I also wanted to share this post with you today to say that I feel truly blessed to have a husband who is not only my best friend, but is also the greatest father to our little girl! We love spending time together and feel so blessed that the Lord has given us our commitment to Him and to each other.  :) Happy Father's Day babe!

And Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there! Being a father is such an important role in a child's life and being a loving father modeled after Christ can make a huge difference.

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by!

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