Monday, April 7, 2014

Dining Room Placemats

Well, hello, hello!

I remember, back when I was teaching, another colleague of mine would always walk by and say "Well hello, hello!!" and do this awkward wave. 
It was weird.

I digress....

Ok, that earlier bit had nothing to do with my DIY project, but I just had to share because when I opened with "Well hello, hello" it reminded me of that story.

Are you still with me?


Okay, so on to today's project!

So, this is our dining room:

You know, nothing special by any means....
but workable and most importantly, functional!

I busted out some older placemats that I covered with green damask fabric.
I figured it was appropriate for Spring (and even added the cute bunny placemats that we got from my hubby's parents).
Hey, they are for the kids!

I had some left over gray zebra-ish fabric from when I recovered our dining room chair...and because of that, I wanted to use that to create a little embellishment on our existing placemats.

So the basics:
I just cut the fabric into 4 equal (or about equal) parts...
Hot glued the zebra fabric to the place mats...
and Voila! put them on the table.

And a quick before and after...because you know I love those!

You know, nothing too fancy or difficult.
It just adds a little something extra and I like that!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.
Thanks for stopping by!

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