Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some New Projects

Hi there!

As I sit typing this post, it is raining fact, it has been raining on and off here pretty much all throughout the day. Boo!

But I have been told that the weather is going to start cooling off again and the sun will come out!

The months have seemed a little different this year weather-wise, but it will be nice to finally see the Spring weather sun and the flowers bloom. 
My family and I are headed out this weekend to look at some flowers for the house and we are pretty excited about it. I'm on the lookout for some hydrangeas. I've seen a few of them at The Home Depot, but I really want to find some at our Farmer's Market. 
Can't wait!!

In other news, I have some little projects going on around the house....again, nothing special or too "big" to reveal but just enough to freshen things up around here.

I am going to snap some photos this week to get them posted and am pretty excited about that. 

The pictures to come in the next couple of days have nothing to do with the horses you see pictured above...just F.Y.I. ;)

I just snapped this photo sometime last year (maybe the early fall?) and really LOVE it...I don't think I have ever posted it here it is folks!

Can't wait to share some of our changes with you all...

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

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