Friday, April 18, 2014

Entryway Lighting

Happy Friday!!
Woot woot!

We have a fun weekend ahead of us...
we have dinner plans with some families tonight and on Easter Sunday we are headed to another families home for lunch. It should be fun. :)

I am back today to share with you about one of the projects I completed last week.

To start, our entryway use to look like this:


Don't mind the shine to those doors...I had just finished painting them when this photo was taken and the paint hadn't dried yet. Ha!

I changed out the light fixture and added a mirror that I found at the thrift store and painted in this pretty green color.

Here is what I did.
I took down our old light and purchased one on clearance at Target for a really inexpensive price.
I had some green spray paint that I wanted to use and painted the light shade (it was purple and blue damask before- not my style).

I was going to leave the shade just plain green, but I felt it needed something else.
I cut out two triangle shapes using some cardboard we had from a cereal box and traced onto the shade.

I didn't really take my time on this...I needed it done quickly, but I actually like how it turned out!

I hung some crystals from the shade (they were a gift from my mom last year) and put it up!

I love how it looks with our mirror too!
It's bold and beautiful!!

And I think the green pairs nicely with our gray doors.

That's one of the quick projects I wanted to share with you all...there will be more next week.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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