Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Little Pillows

One day while I had some "free" time on my hands...doesn't happen too often with little ones, I had an idea! I wanted to make some small pillows for the dining room and the playroom but I didn't want to buy pillows...I wanted to use what I had around the house.

So...I took apart some really old, old pillows that someone gave us a while back and cut the inserts in half. Bam! I had new pillows to recover with some left over fabric and I was super excited.

The chevron pillows go well with the ones we have in the family room.

Aren't they cute?!
They fit nicely in the chairs we have for our girls in the playroom as well. 

And someone else approves of them...although in this picture she is trying to color one of the pillows. :) Just before this picture was taken, my daughter was actually hugging the pillow...so she likes them!

Have you ever made small pillows of your own?

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