Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Little Before and After

I have a few before and after photos to share today on the blog.
As I was looking back at some of the pictures I took of our home when I began to blog, I am amazed at how much our house has changed over the years (and let's face it, over the months as well because I like to change things up all the time!)

Let's start with the dining room, shall we?!

My goodness! Where to begin?
The old wall color was dark and so was the furniture...nothing a little paint can't fix. :)
I also updated our feature wall and added mirrors to brighten up the space and bring in more light. 
There's still more I would like to do and I have added a few things that I haven't shown just yet. But that will come later. ;)   

Now we move on to the kitchen nook...
 Again, I repainted the kitchen and added more statement pieces like the frames and mirror...and the light fixture.
And I added some pillows to create a cozy space...which my daugther loves.

It's quite the before and "after."

Our entryway has seen it's fair share of changes as well.
Over the past couple of years it got a makeover and since then I have added a few more accessories and changed up the gallery wall...hopefully more on that soon.
We still love our coat rack and use it often as you can see. 
And the space is much brighter thanks to a new coat of paint. Love it all!!

I hope you stick around for more Before and "After" (or I should say Progress) photos coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by!   

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