Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painted Kitchen and Fixture Update

Hello everyone!

Our kitchen just got painted again (and I am serious, this will be the last time for a loooong while!) Relaxed Khaki by Sherwin Williams. Hooray!!!! The paint color in our kitchen is the same color we used in our family room, living room, and stairwell so our house has a better flow now.

Here are some updated pictures of a part of our kitchen.

(BTW- It seems like everyone is painting their kitchen cabinets white. I feel like one of the few who hasn't and to be honest, I really don't want to paint them. My hubby and I love them the way they are even if the trend right now is white cabinets.)

Okay, so the color change isn't drastic, but it is different and subtle enough for us. Now we will have better flow throughout our home. Yay!

Here are a few "Before" pictures of the kitchen and the old color.

Our kitchen nook was purchased at K-Mart and we painted it a reddish-brown. It fits in perfectly in our little corner and it's a great place to eat breakfast as a family.

The picture below shows you the color difference between the old and new wall colors.
The color on the left is called Latte, by Sherwin Williams, and the color on the right is the new color, Relaxed Khaki.

Here is the fabulous new color next to our kitchen nook!
I made sure to do my research when it came to picking this color and after a few samples, this one was the winner!
You can read more about the paint decision process here and here.

Here is our kitchen with the new color and we love it!

You can see here that Relaxed Khaki has a bit of brown, green, and gray to it- so it's a neat color!

Our light fixture will go up here right above the breakfast nook.


And....the update on our light fixture...
A few days ago we went over to Lowe's and purchased this chain (4 feet) and I decided to spray paint it with RustOleum's Bronze paint.
I think the chain cost under $3.00. Yes, it was a cheap price, but it is exaclty what I was looking for.

After I spray painted the chain, I hung it outside to dry- on another light fixture, of course.  :)

Have you recently painted or repainted a room in your house?
If so, I would love to hear what color you ended up choosing!

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  1. Thank you, Desiree!!

    I just hopped on over to your blog and I have to say that your house looks amazing and elegant!
    Thanks for stopping by to check out my post!


  2. I LOVE breakfast nooks. They are just cozy!

    Thanks for sharing!
    @ Creatively Living

  3. Thanks, Katie!
    We love our breakfast nook and I can't wait to show the final reveal with our light fixture. :)



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