Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Brake for Yard Sales

Have you ever heard of this book? It was written by Lara Spencer who is a coanchor for Good Morning America.

I admit that I hadn't heard of this book, that is until my mother-in-law sent me the book in the mail last week. :)
She heard about this book when it was advertised on one of the morning talk shows and said she had to get it for me because she knows how much I love thrifting. Even though the title of the book says "I Brake for Yard Sales" it is also about thrifting, which is generally the same thing I guess. I am so thankful she sent me this book to read because there is a plethora of information about how to thrift and what to look for when doing so.
So I thought I would share with you a little bit of my favorite parts about this book.

Lara Spencer breaks down different styles in her book and groups them into 4 categories.
Style #1 is known as Hollywood to the Hilt which, as you can see below, is a style filled with glamorous pieces which are luxurious in feel.

I am really digging this apple green painted dresser and the thrifted mirror which Lara said she purchased for a mere $22.00!! Now that is awesome!

Syle #2 is more of an elegant and sophisticated style with lots of layers and textures along with some added rich color. This kind of style reminds me of an expensive hotel you would stay in when visiting a big-time city, like New York or something.

Even this classic style can be achieved on a thrifty budget.
For example, the nightstand was purchased at a steal for $95, which may sound pricey, but it is actually a French chest and is being used as a nightstand. Love it!

The pops of red are dramatic, yet refined which makes me think this space is a little luxurious in style.

Moving on to style #3, you can tell just by the overall feel of the room in the picture below that this style takes on more of a masculine feel. From the picturesque chandelier to the dark blue walls, this room is anchored by large peices which make it seem cozy.

I love the flowers on the table which plays down the masculine feel a little bit.

The last style is #4 which Lara Spencer labels as "Downtown Bohemian." The first word she uses to describe this room is eclectic and I have to agree. There is a mix and match of different textures and materials, but it somehow flows well together in this space.

I kind of like the $50 tennis racket hung up on the wall above the curtains to the far left of the page. It is definitely a different look.

The reason I chose to post this picture is because I really love how a chair can change in minutes with a little bit of reuphostering. Lara said she used Pottery Barn laminated shower curtains to cover these chairs. How cool is that? It may be a little bold for my taste, but it would be easy to clean!

I love the red accents and the red furniture pieces in this picture. It kind of brings this family room to life after the walls were painted with a neutral color.

I love this classic white cabinet in the bathroom and the tiled backsplash.
The gold diamond mirror was also a great find.

It seems to me that gold is coming back in style. It's funny how styles seem to cycle around and around.

And who doesn't love a little bit of spray paint on some chairs and a table. I love the bright blue on these outside chairs and table. It is so bright and cheery!

Here are the different styles again.

Which one is your favorite?

I think mine would be a mix of Style #1 and Style #3. I will call it a cozy yet, chic style which I am trying to achieve when decorating our home.  :)

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