Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Hand-Sewn Slipcover

Yes!! You read that title correctly! I hand-sewed a slipcover for one of our armchairs and it was my first slipcover!

What?!?! That sounds crazy, I know...but I did it and am pretty pleased with the results so far.
I say "so far" because the chair is not completely finished (like some of the projects I seem to do around here) but it is coming along quite nicely and I can't wait to start on our second armchair.

So here is what I started with.

Here is a quick before and after:

Now back to the original piece.
I bought these chairs for $25 at a Restore and love how sturdy they are.

Pretty, huh? I am kidding, of course!
So if you look closely, you can see some minor marks on the chair (which I went ahead and labeled for you).

I thought about taking pictures of each step...which I might do for the second chair, but I just wanted to get this puppy done so when my daughter took her 3 hour nap during the week each day, I worked hard on getting the slipcover done.
Also, I followed a quick tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed which you can take a look at here: six part video series on slipcover tutorial.
If you scroll down mid-page on that link above, you can click on each video to get a good idea of how to make a slipcover.

So here are some pictures of a little bit of the slipcover process.
FYI- I used canvas dropcloth for this project.

You can see here that I still needed to cover up the frayed ends and since I sewed by hand, some of the lines aren't perfectly straight, but that is A-Okay with me.  :)

I bought some twine at Lowe's and wrapped it (using my hot glue gun...genius, I know...haha) using left over canvas dropcloth.

I still need to stain the legs with some left-over stain from when I did our banisters and I also need to make a skirt for the chair which I am working on doing.

Here are some close-ups of the wrapped twine and the details of the chair.

Stay tuned for more....
and if you see that table over on the left there by the chairs in this photo, be reading because I still have to tell you all about it, too.

What do you think? Have you used canvas dropcloth to recover anything?

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished results. Thanks for linking up at Beyond the Picket Fence!


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