Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inspiring Images of Breakfast Nooks

Hi all and happy Wednesday!!

I am still working on finishing the light fixture I blogged about here.
When the whole thing is completely spray painted then we can get it up on the ceiling above our kitchen sitting area. I would also like to stencil some fabric to make seat cushions for our little nook, but that might not be completed for a week or least that is what I am hoping!  :)

Nevertheless, I wanted to post some pictures of some real inspiring kitchen nooks I have found recently.

I am in love with the 12 framed botanical pictures below and that awesome light fixture!
Goodness, this is such a gorgeous little spot in a kitchen.
And that wall color is fabulous, too!

image found here

I think this one is breathtaking! The colors are simple and neutral and what I really love about this nook is the bench style seating. How comfy and cool does that look?

image found here

 Another cute little space in the kitchen.
The little table looks like the perfect size for this space.

And the blues and greens in this kitchen nook are very soothing and cozy.
Check out the little white chandy hanging above the table?! How cute!

bhg nookThis one is from BHG- Better Homes and Gardens
Again, more greens and blues which I seem to be drawn to all the time.  ;)

 If you like having a collection of personal images and artwork, this is a neat idea- place them in your kitchen nook! How fun!


I also think that the mix of browns, blues, and grays somehow work really well in this photo. What do you think?

And there you have it! These are some images that have been inspiring me lately to create our kitchen nook. So far we have seating completed and I have already purchased the fabric, but I still have more to do like:

1. Stencil my fabric in some sort of trellis pattern (Not sure if I will make my own pattern or just buy a stencil. They can be kind of pricey, but I would reuse the stencil in other parts of our home, so maybe it would be worth the cost)

2. Make seat cushions from foam and board

3. Hang light fixture after painting is completed

4. Put up some kind of gallery wall or mirror   

I didn't list any of these in a particular order, but I am hoping to get these items completed by the end of June.
Should be doable, right?  ;)

Do you have a kitchen nook in your home? If so, how have you decorated your nook?

Thanks for stopping by!

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