Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Light in the Kitchen!!

Hooray for having more light in our house!!

I am so excited to share this post with you today because it means our light fixture, which I blogged about here, is finally hanging up in our kitchen nook.  :)

Over the weekend, my hubby helped me hang the light fixture (or more like he hung it all by himself and I just supervized :)...) in our nook by using some little gadgets we found at Lowe's.

This was the little spot above the table where we knew the light fixture would hang, so we (And again, by "we" I mean my hubby) measured a few spots and decided where the light would hang.

We bought a ceiling hook that worked perfectly for our light fixture and here is how it looked right after we hung this puppy up.

Now right after we hung our light fixture, we knew there was more to do before it was completed.
Here is a small list of things we still need to do.

1. Do something about the cord that is obviously not suppose to be on the table and buy an extension cord  :)
2. Think of a quick solution for covering up that big 'ol chain hanging from the ceiling
(We talked about buying a new chain or possibly wrapping fabric around it to pretty it up a bit)
3. Do something with that empty wall space to the left (any ideas?? I would love to hear them!)

So let's get to the first problem- "doing something about the cord hanging by the table"

So part of the solution to problem #1?
Well, we went to Lowe's again and had to buy an extension cord so the light would plug in and be functional.
However, we still have yet to connect everything together but we are hoping to get this done in the next few days.

Problem #2- what to do with the big 'ol chain that isn't lookin' too hot?
Well, that is still left to be decided, but I think I might take some left-over canvas dropcloth (again, love that stuff) and twist it around the cord just to make it a little bit more presentable.

Issue #3- What to do with the empty wall space?
Some ideas include hanging some wall art or picture frames, but I would like to try something a little bit different than that. Maybe I will hang an oval shaped mirror with a few frames off to the side just to keep things interesting. But like I said, if you have ideas for me, let me know! I would love to hear them for inspiration! :)

I have a few other projects that I am in the middle of and will get to those this week too...but I just have to take it all one day at a time.

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  1. Wonderful!!! I bet you are loving the extra light! I think it looks great!

    @ Creatively Living

    1. We do love it and think it is a great place to hang the light. :) Working on pulling it all together now.



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